About Us

Gabriel & Gabriels International IC:03877361, ICO 7502112255 Bank: AirBank : IBAN: CZ7030300000001179432018
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We are a diversified B&B consulting and business information company in Central Europe.
We organize events, conferences, webinars, exhibitions, professional trainings and summits in the Oil and Gas,Energy,Power,Utility,Legal and Medical sectors. With our unparalled expertise in the Legal, Medical,Energy ,Power,Utility,Oil and Gas sector, we deliver contend-led Medical,Legal ,Energy ,Power,Utility,Oil and Gas forum creating the platform for exchange of practical knowledge.
Gabriel & Gabriels works with team of Business men,Legal, Medical,Engineers,Scientists,Investors,Academicians, Data,ICT, Analysts,professionals and experts from various Industries and are experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Legal, Medical,Business and event management industry.
We have applied our knowledge for the purpose of creating business development opportunities for all decision makers in the industry. We are driven and motivated by your success and our great accomplishments.
Gabriel Chinonye Ugwu
President & Founder
I believe that Energy efficiency is key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future. It is the one energy resource that every country possesses…
At Gabriel & Gabriels, employees are part of our winning strategy, which is why we strive to attract and retain the very best the industry has to offer.
Our employees come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common, ambition!
Very few organisations offer you such an exciting variety of ways to fulfil your career ambition, whether it be international travel, earning competitive rewards, flexing your managerial skills… or something else entirely. At Gabriel & Gabriels you write the script: we give you the training; the facilities and the encouragement go as far as you can.
Our kaleidoscope of clients are depending on Gabriel & Gabriels to react quickly, with insight and intelligence and always with absolute professionalism. Gabriel & Gabriels demands the same characteristics of our people.
We currently have a wide range of global opportunities whether you are a new grad or a seasoned professional.  Explore the opportunities and let your journey begin here. 
We practice quality and apply excellence built on years of professional growth and development.

– Gabriel & Gabriels is driven by success and determination.
– Gabriel & Gabriel is motivated by your achievements.
– Our one and only goal is the victory and success.
The goal of our business meetings is to re-evaluate the way you do things: to network, benchmark, and generate insights from industry leaders.