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[Energy Efficiency and Exhibition Summit Prague 29-30 November 2018]


More transformation and technological innovation changes have occurred in the global energy sector in the past decade that, coupled with recent political transitions, have caused many Energy and Power Industries to reassess the most important drivers and steps on the road towards affordable, reliable and sustainable energy internationally.
Increasingly, Energy, Power, Oil and hydrocarbon producers are adapting their business models, utilities are adopting new practices and infrastructures, and downstream technologies are empowering consumers towards greater efficiencies. Progress is obvious, but questions remain across the supply chain with regard to the most effective measures, the respective roles of different actors, and the specific obstacles that economies and sectors will face in the accelerating energy transition.
In this context, Our third annual Energy efficiency forum will bring together leading policy-makers, business leaders ,visionaries from industries , the scientific community, the private sector and government experts to explore enabling technologies for the future of clean energy, energy digitization, and existing energy infrastructure., that are looking at the entire value chain in a holistic way and can speak about and debate the development of these complex changes, which are redefining the future of energy worldwide.
Your contributions and ideas are always welcomed please get in touch for a detailed information or register at or
Gabriel & Gabriels is to hosts this event amid an air of increasing optimism following considerably shifting markets in the last year.
joined us to discuss the critical issues surrounding Europe’s and global gas market. Featuring major stakeholder’s attendees are to benefit from conversations, debates and detailed presentations around topics including the future of Europe’s gas supply from established routes and planned supply lines, LNG’s role in Europe’s energy future, gas’s position in the shifting energy mix and addressing the future of gas pricing.
With increasing supply options and the ever-increasing potential for gas to partner with renewables for a lower-carbon future, Gabriel & Gabriels LNG and Trading summit through its interactive formats and expert speaker line-up, provides a vital platform for dialogue to drive the long-term future of gas and Energy in Europe and globally.
​Our summit will unite global players from leading ports, LNG terminal operators, ship operators, ship owners, LNG suppliers, LNG technology providers and Energy industries to develop strategic partnerships and common strategy to drive the LNG Bunkering market forward.
Join your peers at this industry led and content driven conference to analyse some of the key challenges facing the sector, and impacting supply and demand dynamics and market outlook. Those attending this event will spend 3 days hearing perspectives from the entire supply chain, offering their insights into their decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that have allowed them to successfully move forward in the LNG Bunkering market.
​There will be 7 sessions with proposed themes inclusive of, but not restricted to
Session I: Energy Efficiency and Regulations
Session 11:Renewable Energy efficiency,Waste and sewage management
Session 111: LNG
Session IV: Gas and Energy Cross Border trading
Session V: Transport and storage
Session VI: ICT,Data Management & Cyber security
Session VII Grid Optimization and Smart metering
​Join us to meet senior levelled Renewable Energy, Energy, Power, Utility ,Oil & Gas personnel’s  seeking to network, create new deals, shake hands with new business partners and investors, and find the latest trends. This is the place to create the crucial connection that will move your business forward.
​Also, we have possible exhibition booth and sponsorship package available at a fantastic rate, so if this is something you’d be interested in, Please check the attached & let us  know.
Please submits your abstracts early for a free speaker slot to avoid having to pay for your slot.
Best Regards,
Chinonye Ugwu
1.Learn about the latest developments in global market.
2.Hear from leading experts in Renewable energy, Energy, Power, Utility, Oil and Gas Industries on Regulations, Compliance Risks, and Policies,
3.Learn and discover more about emerging hot topics.
4.Discover the best investment and export opportunities for new renewable generation and LNG to achieve market integration through effective transparency monitoring.
5. In-depth coverage of critical Data Management, Governance, Big Data etc and ICS security subject matter in a comprehensive focus day
6. Discussion focused on the latest development and operation of a large scale global in the Industry
7.Meet peers from within your technical and professional community and Form new professional relationships
Looking forward to seeing you in Prague.
Best Regards,
Edward Ugwu


Energy,Power,Utilities Efficiency Conference Overview

This event holds the promise of substantially reducing energy use while transforming many energy-using markets. Accomplishing this outcome requires collaboration among the efficiency, technology, and user communities. These communities are largely distinct, and few opportunities have existed to date for the energy efficiency and technology communities to interact. Previous interactions have been limited to speakers from one community addressing assemblies of the other.
This 2017 Energy Efficiency Conference will bring together people from the IT, telecom, energy efficiency, utility, Oil, Gas, solution provider, and policy sectors to share and learn how information and communications technology (ICT) can improve the use of energy. The conference will have featured speakers enough question and answer sessions from each speaker. The theme of this year’s conference is “Lectures from the Experts, Dreams to a better”. With this in mind, our speakers will share case studies and field and will share their insights into how such results provide a glimpse into the future followed by questions from the audience.
Lecture will focus on the policies, programs, and practices that are changing and improving as a result of the application of ICT, LNG Data security and Trading Space session – during which innovators in search of partners, researchers in search of data, and vendors in search of clients can all describe their work, make their pitches and invite participation. It will be thus a conference for all.
Attendees will learn about, and be able to participate in, discussions on smart buildings, smart cities, integrated mobility, energy efficiency program design, customer engagement, project and program evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V), and the integration and load balancing of distributed energy resources into the electric grid. And since we’re in Prague, we might feature local and state policy stakeholders who will share their thoughts on how Czech Republic is and can embrace intelligent efficiency. They will share information on their work and how they are partnering with other organizations.
And an Gabriel & Gabriels conference would not be complete without ample time to network. In addition to two receptions, we have allowed plenty of time between sessions for people to meet, exchange business cards and talk about what’s next. This conference exists to facilitate greater and faster adoption of intelligent efficiency technologies, practices and policies. It exists for the people who will make intelligent efficiency everyday efficiency. It exists to be a space for you to learn, share and meet.
Likely Participants Include: Energy efficiency program developers and administrators, state and local government policymakers, staff, and associations, chief technology officers and chief information officers, service providers, investors, entrepreneurs, hardware and software developers, ICT solution providers, building automation providers, and smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart cities leaders. Oil, Gas, Power, Utilities, Building Industries.
Moreover, The LNG, Oil, Gas, energy efficiency and utilities procurement topic has dominated the regional European market for many years. The markets, power exchanges and the legislation of governments have provoked paradigm shifts in the industry. Leading procurement strategists have to be aware of the new trends and regulations. Liberalization of the market pushes prices down, creates competition, improves service and quality and brings benefits to the end-consumer.
With a demand for better prices of energy for end users, combined with increased costs and a demand for capital in investing into diverse infrastructure and regulation also playing its part, distribution and transmission companies within the electricity industry are facing even harsher challenges in terms of operational efficiency, risk management and financial restraints.
This has seen a shift from resource based management to asset based management amongst Electricity T&D companies.
This 2nd annual brings together key industry experts and gives clear insight into the main challenges in Oil, Gas,energy and utilities procurement and offers the most successful solutions that have been found to date. Experts from different industries will present case studies focusing on successful projects; effective ways to manage this kind of indirect spend and remain competitive.
Please if you are interested in attending of presenting your topic at our above event, Kindly fill in the attached form or send in your request via either of the below sites.
-Boosting the Liquidity in Hubs
-Data InterExchange Challanges
-Changing Gas Market of Europe
-European Natural Gas Pricing: Analyzing the best Options
-Recent Developments in Virtual Trading Hubs, Entry/Exit Zones
-Future Supply: LNG, Pipelines, Coal or Shale?
-Development of Gas Trading in CEE and SEE

Event Focus

The challenges of the Global & European Energy and gas trading markets in a global context – analysing the role of LNG, pipeline and unconventional gas in addressing “security of supply” in Europe and rising demand in Asia
Assessing the scope of the new policies and regulation, their implementation and direct implications for gas
traders – understanding REMIT, MIFID II, Basel II, MAD and EMIR.
Europe’s hybrid gas pricing system: examining the links and implications of oil­indexed and hub­based pricing
– exploring effective ways to develop the best mechanisms for managing price volatility
The changing role of exchanges in the European gas trading markets
– examining the reasons for expansion of trade on exchanges.
Understanding new challenges of the forward trading markets – assessing whether the forward market is liquid
enough to hedge price and volume exposure.
The Future challenges for electricity prices modeling
European electricity price forecasts have become fundamental input to energy companies’ decision-making mechanisms. In view of competition, hourly electricity prices are being determined by a variety of market mechanisms, rather than cost-based engineering calculations. As a result, electric utilities, generators, and traders face a new set of forecasting problems. These challenges are unlike those in other industries, since electricity must be produced at the same time that it is consumed.
Our two-day event will focus on the array of modelling approaches that can be applied and evaluated for forecasting electricity prices. This forum will provide insight into effective price modeling; differences in short and long-term models; and factors affecting price forecasting such as renewables, weather etc. It will be a combination of case studies, panel discussions and workshops from several key experts in the field.

Who Should Attend

Presidents, VPs, Directors, Heads, Advisors, Managers of:
− Gas Trading
− Dispatching
− Market Analysis
− Regulations
− Capacity Management
− Origination
− Portfolio Management
− Commercial
− Business Development
− Optimisation
− Strategy Gas Logistics
From: ­
–  Gas Trading Companies
− TSO’s Transmission System Operators
− Energy Exchanges
− Consultancy companies
− Energy and Gas Operators
− Energy Trading Companies
Key Topics

-Metering Data management
-Data Exchange in Power and Gas Markets
-Demand Response
-Consumer Behaviour Analytics
-Data Storage and Security Challanges in Energy and Utility Companies
-Data Migration and Open Data
-Big Data and Analytics
-How to Handle Data Coming from Smart Grids and Meters
Future Challenges for Modelling Electricity Prices in Europe
European Energy prices and Policy Interference
Modelling Physical Assets
Modelling electricity power prices and market developments
Short Term Up To Day-Ahead Power Forward Prices
Fundamental Model of Electricity Prices
Understanding Structured Weather Options
Price Forecasting in Illiquid Electricity Markets
Impact of the Grid on Short Term Forecasting
Retail Power Pricing
Deep Dive into Various Energy Markets
For additional information or questions about this summit, please see home page or contact Gabriel Chinonye Ugwu  at
Gabriel & Gabriels . or +420773647298

Global Data Management Analytics & Cyber Dangers  Summit  June 21-23 ,2017 in Prague

The Cyber Security for Oil,Gas,Energy,Power,Utility ,Pharma,Medical, Banking,Insurance & Financial Summit 09th-10th June and Nov 24-25th,2016 is aimed at Hatching effective Strategies to Combat the Mounting Cyber Risk to Critical Infrastructure.
Cyber Dangers Grows for all  Sectors and companies are growing increasingly aware of the mounting threats posed to their business from cyber-attacks, both to their business sensitive information, and perhaps of greater concern, to their operating control infrastructure.
As technology has evolved over the past decade the industry has seen a heightened risk around the security of their IP enabled equipment. You only have to glance at the strategy documents emanating from boardrooms to recognize that network security is one of their key concerns as a business. Cyber-attacks and other IT security issues became a top industry concern for the first time in the history of Ernst & Young’s annual survey of energy executives in 2013 when it ranked number nine on the list of most important industry concerns.
The Cyber Security  Summit is bringing together all industries to address critical concerns and trends with regard to the development of cyber security practices.  
The complex nature of cyber attacks and those specifically levied against the industry have been increasing over the years and while the industry is well prepared, continuous improvement is always necessary to maintain an edge on the nefarious actors working against the industry.

 Information and data forms the very lifeblood of today’s  companies, with streams of data relating to all aspects of  production projects flowing constantly through every artery in the corporate  network. Data and information are critical assets of any organisation, and should be considered as valuable a resource  as buildings, employees and products. For a company to gain a significant competitive advantage, it must focus on  managing and using its data effectively.
This summit provides participants with practical, in­depth understanding of how to implement a successful  enterprise wide data governance and stewardship programme. Through a series of case studies from leading oil and gas companies, presentations and discussions and technology updates it provides an overview of the disciplines of  governing data, covers the essential components of an enterprise­wide programme, and outlines a roadmap to execute a successful data governance programme.

Gain first­hand knowledge from key data and information management specialists sharing their views on new  strategies, emerging technologies, challenges and opportunities for implementing a robust data governance
The “Global Data Management  Analytics & Cyber Summit” brings together the top utility
analytics thought leaders, technology providers and consultants to address the major issues and deliver an innovative advanced analytics strategy.
•Create effective business models and monetize content by breaking down the silos and building an enterprise­wide
IT architecture
•Overcome distribution management challenges and resolve outage problems using the latest analytics tools
•Increase predictive analytics and discover strategies to improve load forecasting across devices and platforms
•Optimize your asset performance to ensure the most efficient asset health management and ensure you have the
software necessary to prevent theft, fraud and recognize tamper detection
•Maximize customer performance ­ unlock the behavioral analytics to better segment customers and collect better
energy usage information Develop effective roadmap for revenue assurance.
Speed up revenue recovery by integrated approach.
Minimize non-technical losses while optimizing data quality.
Enhance revenue assurance by analytic and fraud management solutions
Understand industry standards for revenue assurance.

Who Should Attend

Presidents, VPs, Directors, Heads, Advisors, Managers of:
-Utility IT managers and systems engineers
-Information Manager
-System Analytics
-Software enginners
-Data analysis and Web Managers
-MDM and smart grid project directors
-Systems, software and IT vendors
-Smart grid technology and software developers
-System integrators and consultants
-Utilities and power generators
-Regulators and public policy makers
-Grid operators
-Investors and financial community
From: ­
• Utility Companies
• TSOs
• Regulators
• Traders

• Shippers
• Exchanges and Hubs
• Research Institutes
• Universities
• Government Bodies

Group bookings

We recognise that many organisations will be sending several of their team and are pleased to offer the following special offer for group bookings (applicable where all attendees are employed by the same organisation and are registered under one booking):
4 for the price of 3*
7 for the price of 5*
10 for the price of 7*
For groups of 12 or more, every second delegate attends free of charge*

For additional information or questions about this summit, please see home page or contact Gabriel Chinonye Ugwu  at Gabriel & Gabriels . or  +420773647298.

The International Summit on Multidimensional Banking,Finance, Insurance,Investment & Regulatory Affairs  Nov 24-25th in Prague.

Theme: Risk in Financial Markets and Institutions: New challenges,   
Risk in Financial Markets and Institutions, Regulations, Data Protections, Cyber threats: What role does Insurance play in serving our customers in tomorrow’s world?   What are now the general issues at stake after the first year of European banking supervision? Which supervisory topics are currently discussed? Which experiences and solutions do other European banks have?
New challenges, New solutions

This Summit aim to provide a forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major financial,banking,Insurance and Regulatory challenges and networking amongst CEO`s,academics,Directors,Chiefs,Managers,Seniors, policy-makers, research students and practitioners.
A broad range of topics will be covered during the conference as you will see on the agenda. Papers related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the conference:
Globalisation, financial and economic integration, financial crisis and the rapid changes in the global economic environment have changed perceptions of risk. The traditional Markowitz view of risk and diversification has been questioned as strategies that were previously thought to reduce risk have been demonstrated, in some circumstances, to have the opposite effect. Sophisticated instruments, new trading technologies and growing interrelations between capital markets have radically altered the landscape of risk in financial markets.Whilst complex corporate structures, opaque balance sheets and the rise of shadow banks have added to the mix of risks faced by financial institutions. A constantly changing regulatory environment compounds these issues across both markets and institutions make the measurement and management of risk increasingly complex..In such an evolving global economic and financial environment where risks are becoming increasingly complex and entangled we are asking: How can we assess risk? How can we manage risk?
In addition to the papers directly related to the conference theme, we would like to invite submission of papers relating to all aspects of banking and finance as you will see on the draft agenda. Both theoretical and empirical papers are encouraged in areas which include, but are not limited to all topics on the agenda.

Key Topics:
Challenges in Managing Cyber Risks and Bank Frauds
Operational Risk and Digitalization
Effective Integration of Operational Risk and Internal Control
Risk Measurement and Risk Assessments  
Implementation of New Regulatory Expectations
Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting
Embedding Operational Risk  – Making it Business Relevant
Interaction of Operational Risk, Conduct Risk and Reputational Risk
The International Conference on Multidimensional Finance, Insurance and Investment is devoted to the recent developments and applications of the Multi-Criteria Decision Aid tools in the field of finance and insurance. This scientific event disseminates recent methods and procedures designed to solve problems related to finance, insurance and portfolio selection formulated through a mathematical programming framework and for which a stack of conflicting and incommensurable objectives (criteria, attributes) is simultaneously optimized.
Group bookings
We recognise that many organisations will be sending several of their team and are pleased to offer the following special offer for group bookings (applicable where all attendees are employed by the same organisation and are registered under one booking):
4 for the price of 3*
7 for the price of 5*
10 for the price of 7*
For groups of 12 or more, every second delegate attends free of charge*
Offer applies to full-price bookings only .
For additional information or questions about this summit, please see home page or contact Gabriel Chinonye Ugwu  at
Gabriel & Gabriels . +420773647298

The International Summit On Pharmacology,Ethnopharmacology,Oncology,Toxicology,Clinical Trials,Pharmaceutical & Regulatory Affairs  24-25th Nov,2016 in Prague .

In the light of this theme, the Summit series aims to provide a forum for International researchers from various areas of Pharmacy, Medical, Health science and Life science by providing a platform for critical analysis of new data, and to share latest cutting-edge research findings and results about all aspects of pharmacy.
The summits provide a platform to detail the research work of expertise from various scientific backgrounds and the same can be perceived by young researchers and students. The conference mainly aims to provide knowledge on Pharmacy and unveil the roles and responsibilities of pharmacist.  In course of research work and therefore this summit  would be a perfect venue to share and develop knowledge on Pharmacy.
Themes1: Pharmacological Frontiers for Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development
Theme 2: Innovations in Exertions of pharmacy
Theme 3: Embracing Recent Strategies in Global Regulatory Affairs
Theme 4: Exploring Cutting Edge Technologies and Global Clinical Trials of the Future
Importance and scope:
With the development of specific and potent synthetic drugs, the emphasis of the pharmacist’s responsibility has moved substantially towards the utilization of scientific knowledge in the proper use of modern medicines and the protection of the public against dangers that are inherent in their use. Pharmacists are employed in regulatory control and drug management, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry, academic activities, training of other health workers, and research. In all these fields, their aim is to ensure optimum drug therapy, both by contributing to the preparation, supply and control of medicines and associated products, and by providing information and advice to those who prescribe or use pharmaceutical products.With target audience as Leading Principle Investigators, Methodologists, Clinicians, Scientists, CRO’s, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry professionals, Researchers and Academicians to discuss the advancements in preclinical research, clinical study designs, and conducts of clinical trials, future of clinical trials along with advancements in clinical trials of different diseases and disorders.Clinical Trials Management System has made enormous progress in past few years, and according to Transparency Market Research the estimated net worth is approximately US$844 million in 2013, while growing at a compound annual growth rate of 14% during the forecast period, the worldwide Clinical Trials Management System market is expected to acquire market value worth US$1,848.5 million by 2019. Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans. Study show which medical approaches work best for certain illnesses or groups of people. The purpose of clinical trials is research, so the studies follow strict scientific standards. These standards protect patients and help produce reliable study results. Clinical trials are one of the final stages of a long and careful research process. Clinical trials are conducted for every disease. The main reason for carrying out trials is to determine whether one treatment is better than another, 19% on average, increase in Number of registration per year in Clinical Trials, 46.5% increase in Market Investment in Clinical Trials from 2010-2015 This Summit will also provide platform for the Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical Industries to share about the efficacy of their products and new technologies Provide the information about new drugs and therapeutic techniques to healthcare professionals.
Why to attend ?
As Pharmaceutical care moves to a more patient centred model it becomes extremely important to ensure an adequate and professional pharmacy practice. Pharmacists, in one hand, need to ensure maximum use of their skills by embarking on a culture of lifelong learning. On the other hand, it becomes evident that all members of the healthcare system need to co-operate to ensure planning, implementation and monitoring of a therapeutic plan that focuses on effective patient outcome. International pharmacy conference reinforces the importance of collaboration and dialogue between Policy Makers, Stakeholders, Regulators and Pharmaceutical experts.
Target Audience: 
Students, Scientists, Researchers, and Faculty of pharmaceutical
Universities, Medical colleges, Researchers from pharmaceutical
Companies, Pharmacy associations and societies, Business
Entrepreneurs, Training institutes, Software developing companies,
Manufacturing medical devices companies, CRO and Data
Management companies

Conference Highlights

Pre-Clinical Research and Conducts of Clinical Trials
Clinical Study Designs
Innovations in Clinical Trials
Data Management and Statistics
Transforming Trials Methodologies: Clinical Studies
Challenges and Advancement in Breast Cancer Trials: Case Study
Clinical Trials Supplies
Future of Clinical Trials
Bioethics and Quality Regulation
Clinical and Medical case reports
Pharmacy Forecast
Fundamentals Of pharmacy
Global Regulatory Safety Updates
New Data Sources for Safety Assessment
Current Approaches to Benefit-Risk Assessment
Emerging Concepts in Toxicology
Forensic Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Regulatory Toxicology
Analytical Toxicology
Medical and Clinical Toxicology
In-vitro and In-vivo Toxicology
Veterinary Toxicology
Microbiology and Toxicology
Occupational and Environmental Toxicology
Metallic Toxicology
Countermeasure for Toxins
Pharmacy Field
Pharmaceutical Industry’s
Pharma Reasearch & Development companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Pharmacy practice
Pharma clinical trails
Regulatory affairs
Pharma marketing
Internet pharmacy
Group bookings
We recognise that many organisations will be sending several of their team and are pleased to offer the following special offer for group bookings (applicable where all attendees are employed by the same organisation and are registered under one booking):
4 for the price of 3*
7 for the price of 5*
Offer applies to full-price bookings only .
10 for the price of 7*
For groups of 12 or more, every second delegate attends free of charge*
For additional information or questions about this summit, please see home page or contact Gabriel Chinonye Ugwu  at
Gabriel & Gabriels . +420773647298

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