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We are a diversified business information and consulting company in Central Europe. Gabriel & Gabriels works with team of Legal, Medical and business professionals and are experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Legal, Medical, Business and event management industry. We have applied our knowledge for the purpose of creating business development opportunities for all decision makers in the industry. We organize events, conferences, webinars, exhibitions, professional trainings and summits in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Utility, Legal and Medical sectors. With our unparalleled expertise in the Legal, Medical, Energy ,Power, Utility, Oil and Gas sector, we deliver contend-led Medical, Legal ,Energy ,Power, Utility, Oil and Gas forum creating the platform for exchange of practical knowledge.

Speaking Opportunities

At Gabriel & Gabriels, we research our topics over a long period of time to ensure accuracy, superior value, and high knowledge content. Our speakers are highly dedicated experts; with specialized and diverse skills. Speaking at our events is free and offers a unique platform to showcase your expertise before highly-profiled representatives in your industry. Our events target senior-level executives, as well as mid-level professionals. For each event, we earmark a few speaking slots for potential partners who may want to work with us. By doing this, we ensure a rich diversity and excellent quality of our speakers. This way we are able to deliver the best possible content to our audience.

Gabriel & Gabriels Events Speaker application terms and conditions

1. All speaker applications must be received before the closing date of 19 March 2017 as shown on the application form. 
Submission before the stipulated date is preferred.(late submission attracts a 699 Euros speaker fee).
2. The Selection Committee decision will be final when choosing which applications will be included in the programme.
3. All speakers selected will be notified by 1 April 2017 following the closing date for applications. Selected speakers must send notification confirming their acceptance to speak. Once confirmation is received, pertinent information including deadlines and speaker registration will be sent. Registration by selected speakers confirms their participation in the programme. Any registered speaker who cancels his/her participation after the closing date and fails to appear at the conference or arrange for a substitute to present the announced paper will jeopardise the right to present papers at future conferences. Speakers cancelling their appearance and presentation must do so in writing and provide a suitable substitute to present their presentation.
4. Selected speakers must submit the complete manuscript to the organiser by 15 May 2017. Failure to meet this date will risk the possibility of being excluded from the final programme.
5. All manuscripts must be submitted in the English language and sent to the organizer in electronic format, together with a PowerPoint presentation on CD or memory stick or alternatively via email to  or via our site download (instructions provided on request). Please note that when sending manuscripts via email we will be unable to accept files over 15Mb in size. We will accept manuscripts created in either MS Word or in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). In both cases we request that speakers provide any photographs or figures contained in their manuscripts as separate file attachments in addition to the complete paper.
The organizer may remake the final layout of the conference proceedings so that each paper will conform to the same styling. Because of this, we request that speakers submit their photographs and figures in the largest sizes and resolutions possible to avoid any distortions or loss of quality when the paper is set out in the final proceedings. All diagrams and graphics must be numbered and indexed in the manuscript text. Photographs may be presented in the conference rooms via computer and LCD projector. Video presentations will also be allowed as long as they do not run for more than 6 minutes. Manuscripts and other materials must be submitted in original form (not photocopies).
6. Technical presentations will be limited to 25 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions and any video film. No presentations will be accepted which do not include a printed manuscript for distribution to the attending delegates by the organizer. No commercialism is allowed in the written or verbal presentation. Commercialism is defined as and includes advertising slogans or logos included in the manuscripts or photos and graphics forming part of the presentation, as well as statements making comparison with competitor’s products or materials. All presentations must be of a technical nature and any claims confined to substantiated facts.
7. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce accepted manuscripts in publications or proceedings and distribute these at times other than related to the conference at which they were presented and at no cost or fee to the author or originator.
8. Selected speakers (one person only) are entitled to complimentary conference programme registration and all the benefits and entitlements included as if he/she were paying full delegate registration, providing confirmation is received from the organizer.
9. All speakers/authors who are selected for the papers programme will be sent full details and the official speaker’s registration information well in advance of the event.
10. Hotel, travel and subsistence costs are the responsibility of all accepted speakers/authors who are notified that they are included in the official programme.
11. These conditions and terms are considered and accepted and binding by each speaker/author who is confirmed as a participant in the scheduled conference and the organizer retains the right to adjust or modify these terms and conditions at any time according to the circumstances applicable to the final programme.
For more information about speaking at our events, please contact: Edward Ugwu at info@gabrielssummits.com

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