Advanced Energy Efficiency,Smart Metering programs,Cyber security and data protection for the future. November 17-18,2020: How protected and secured are we?


In an increasingly digital economy the issue of data protection and privacy is becoming ever more important. There has been series of news and changes in data protection and privacy globally in all sectors
The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)also came into effect this year and it impacts nearly every organisation. I even featured in epic Hollywood short film on data protection and Cyber security,staring Christian Slater, Jonathan Banks and Betty Adewole, on global hunt about the dangers of cyber threats from HP Studios and director Lance Acord. Protect your business showing how global this cyber problems has become.
Cyber security and data protection is vital in the Global commitment to a clean energy transition that serves the needs of citizens, economic development and the environment. Achieving a smart, socially fair and sustainable energy system requires strong policies, competitive businesses and technology innovation. Mastering the digital transformation of energy and buildings will be crucial for creating a thriving economy and for the success of the global clean energy transition.


How ready and secured are we in the Energy,Utility and Oil and Gas Industries?
How enabled and empowered are customers to identify opportunities to reduce their energy use and to track the results of advanced smart changes?
What are the latest legislation on Clean Energy ,climate change and Security and how effective have they become?
Join Gabrielsforum on the 27-28 June 2019 to bring suggestions and solutions regarding the parameters that can guarantee a safe and reliable use of cyberspace which is vital for the safety of our sector considering the fact that cyber war and cyber attacks are real threats whose consequences could affect great part of our sector on a daily basis.
The audience of the conference
Data Protection Officers
Legal Counsels & Law Office Executives
Compliance Officers & Internal Auditors
CISOs & Security Officers
Data analysts & Customer Insights executives
Marketing executives
HR executives
Energy researchers and practitioners
We invites papers within the scope of the conference subjects.
The conference particularly welcome papers related to industrial based projects. Papers
dealing with one or more of the following topics will be considered for the conference:
IT Specialist
Cyber security experts
Data Management experts
Biomass Conversion
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology
Hydrogen Economic & Investments
Photovoltaic Technology
Solar Thermal Applications
Marine/Ocean Energy
Wind Energy & Application
Technical Developments in Vehicles, Engines and Equipment
Fuelling Technology (Diesel, CNG, LPG)
Modelling and Simulation.
New Concepts including LNG, Biogas Hydrogen, Electrical & Hybrid Drive Systems
Energy Storage
Supercapacitors and Applications
Policies & Regulations
Codes & Standards
Economic Aspects
Road Management
Marketing Strategies
Environment Management
Environmental Issues including: Air Pollution, Water and Water Management
Waste Management
Climate Change
Health and Environment
Customer and Society Satisfaction
Materials and Fuel Developments, Including: Nano-technologies, Light Weight Structures, Bio-composite Materials, Fuel Cell Materials, Membranes, Sensor Technologies, Combustion
Circular Economy
Nuclear Energy
Oil And Gas Industries